Cleaning up after tenants

Quality Exit Cleaning to Save Your Deposit

If you're nearing the end of your property lease and are planning on moving out, you may be required to complete a full exit clean before you depart in order to get your initial deposit back. Taking the time to do this properly will clearly cost money; however, the cash spent will usually equate to less than the money lost if you fail to clean the house properly and are landed with additional cleaning charges and fees. Always read your contract carefully before signing, as you may be contractually required to pay for certain cleaning services, as some rental agencies may only accept professional cleans as part of the exit.

Quality Over Pricing

Be aware that choosing the cheapest cleaning company may not always be your best option. Check your contract to see whether it stipulates that you must use an approved company for the exit clean; otherwise, you may find that the service provided is not covered by insurance. Approved companies will often take their payment from your deposit if you wish to make the transaction easier, and they should guarantee their work. If you don't have to do this, then try to find a company that is part of a governing association such as the Australian Cleaning Contractors Alliance (ACCA) to ensure that they are operating to industry standards.

Saving More Money

Always check to see what services are included with your cleaning company. You may find that you can barter for discounts if you use them for multiple services such as carpet cleaning and general tidy-ups. Yet regardless of whether the company is approved or not, you should take photographs of the entire property and send them to the rental agency. That way you'll be able to update your initial inventory and further protect your deposit should something go wrong with the clean. 

Clear Out

Before getting the cleaning company in try to move everything out of the flat if possible. Should something get damaged either from cleaning products or from being scuffed against a wall, it will be very difficult to claim for it without hard evidence. You may find that the company fails to accept responsibility for damage should the rooms not be cleaned out. If you can't move everything, then at least try to move it all into a separate room to allow the rest of the property to be thoroughly cleaned nice and quickly, or stack it up in the centre of the room where it's less likely to create obstacles, and cover it with a thick fabric or plastic sheet.  

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Cleaning up after tenants

I have a few rental properties and you wouldn't believe the mess that some tenants leave when they vacate the premises. They think that the bond will cover the cleaning but sometimes I'm also embarassed when I have to show the cleaning services what they will need to clean up. At least it's not my fault that the place is so messy. The cleaning services are always professional and when the place is really bad I can take the tenants back to the small claims court and claim back the cost of the excess cleaning bill. This blog is about cleaning up after grotty tenants.