Cleaning up after tenants

Cleaning up after a kid's birthday party

While there is nothing more fun that seeing the joy on your child's face as they race around with their friends and enjoying be the guest of honour. However, the next morning when you need to clean up the aftermath of the party it can be scary to see just how much mess a few small children can make. Here are some ideas to help make the clean up easier.

Have lots of rubbish bins

While adults might look around for a rubbish bin, kids are more inclined just to drop rubbish on the floor unless the rubbish bins are offered. Consider offering extra prizes to kids that use them to encourage the behavior you want to see. Remember the more rubbish you have in rubbish bins, the less you need to find later on!

Ask a tidy friend to stay back and help you clean

You'll probably find that you don't get to spend as much time as you'd like with your friends on the day, as you'll be so busy with party logistics. If you have a friend or family member who is very tidy, see if they'll be willing to stay back and tidy up. You can spend some time catching up over the tasks and they might even be grateful for the chance to offload their own tired and sugar hyped children back on their partner for a while!

Get a cleaning service into help

You might be equally exhausted as the children and not want to clean up after the party. It can be very worthwhile to get a cleaning service around to clean the house post party. They tend to be experts at the trickier aspects of cleaning post party messes, including removing glitter from delicate fabrics and getting rid of the sticky and bright tacky mess left by half sucked lollies being left on couches or flooring. Some of these messes can be trickier than your weekly clean and can end up staining if not removed early enough. As a result, a cleaning services can be a sensible investment in saving your time and sanity post party!

Don't let the mess of a children's party put you off hosting the event at home. Your child will have fond memories growing up of these parties in their home and be delighted to share their special day in their own home with friends and family.

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Cleaning up after tenants

I have a few rental properties and you wouldn't believe the mess that some tenants leave when they vacate the premises. They think that the bond will cover the cleaning but sometimes I'm also embarassed when I have to show the cleaning services what they will need to clean up. At least it's not my fault that the place is so messy. The cleaning services are always professional and when the place is really bad I can take the tenants back to the small claims court and claim back the cost of the excess cleaning bill. This blog is about cleaning up after grotty tenants.