Cleaning up after tenants

Cleaning up in a 24/7 call centre

If you are responsible for keeping a 24/7 call centre clean, you'll know how hard it can be clean silently while operators are on calls. Here are some tips for cleaning while people have to be on phone round the clock.

Shut down the centre in banks

While you may not be able to fully shut down the centre, you might be able to shut down portions of the centre, especially during the quieter times of the night. Many call centres have call volumes that peak during some points of the day of night and lower call volumes at other times. If you have the flexibility to shut down some parts of the centre and transfer the loading to other centres this can be an efficient way of managing the cleaning period.

Transfer calls to another centre

If your centre works in concert with other centres around the country or globe, you might be able to direct all calls to another centre for a small time while you get a cleaning service like Comclean Australia Pty Ltd to clean the centre. You may be able to structure the cleaning service contract to prioritise quicker cleaning as this is likely to overload the other centre and impact their internal customer service KPIs.

Minimise mess

While it may seem obvious, one of the easiest ways to manage the cleaning of the phone banks is to minimise the amount of mess that comes into the centre. This can be done by minimising the amount of eating allowed in the phone banks, limiting the amount of paperwork and stationery allowed in the banks (often known as a clean desk policy) as well as having easily available rubbish bins so that any mess can be cleaned up straight away. Some centres also find that using dust covers over shoes so that less dirt and dust get tracked into the centre. This can extend the time required between cleaning services.

Use an experienced cleaning service

Many cleaning services that work in these sorts of quiet corporate environments can use extra quiet vacuum cleaners and quieter cleaning techniques by the cleaning staff, including more manual cleaning methods rather than noisy appliances. Experienced cleaners may be able to clean quietly enough that it does not affect the day-to-day operation of the centre.

If you are managing the cleaning of a call centre, it can pay to use an experienced cleaning service that has previously managed cleaning in a sound sensitive, round-the-clock environment.

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Cleaning up after tenants

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