Cleaning up after tenants

Trash Disposal Etiquette

A rubbish chute is basically a vertical pathway that guides trash to its eventual collection area at the basement or street level. On every building floor, residents can access the garbage chute to throw their rubbish away without necessarily having to go down to the basement.  Garbage piles up at the base of the chute, where a mechanism finally crushes it into little blocks of refuse which are then transferred to the garbage dumpster.  Residents might assume that a garbage chute is a foolproof place to dispose of trash, however if the garbage chute isn't well maintained and kept clutter-free, not only does it create an ideal breeding ground for pests but also turns into a fire hazard. Here are simple tips that residents can adopt as far as proper trash disposal in the rubbish chute hire from a company like Qwik Chutes is concerned.

Proper disposing of trash in the chute.

Although it is the responsibility of the building's staff to keep the chutes clean and in correct working condition, building occupants also have a role to play in terms of cooperating with the laid-down instructions.

Typically, property managers update signs or stickers in every refuse room and in the basement, listing all the items that aren't permitted to be discarded through the rubbish chute, such as stacks of magazines and newspapers, paint cans, down comforters, aerosol cans, stiff cardboard, used diapers and hangers among others. These obstruction-prone materials should instead be thrown away elsewhere or placed in recycle bins. Building occupants should adhere to these instructions.

All trash should be wrapped inside plastic bags before being thrown inside the rubbish chute. Unbagged rubbish is one of the bad things you can throw away in your chute. It's akin to soil. It gets caught while on its way down the chute, and it clogs the opening and shutting mechanisms as well as the compactors leading to untimely repairs. For example broken glass. Generally, anything that's made using glass shouldn't be discarded in the rubbish chute without being sealed in a plastic bag in order to cushion the delicate glass item. This is because the glass item is likely to shatter when it strikes the ground from very high building floors.

The plastic or garbage bags that are used to enclose the rubbish should be tied snugly to avoid spillage. For example, food spillage inside the chute may lead to build-up of bugs and offensive odor.

If a number of the building occupants are discarding all manner of trash down the rubbish chute hire, property managers should consider arranging a meeting and inviting a professional to expound on the law in an amicable away.

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Cleaning up after tenants

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