Cleaning up after tenants

Creative ways of disguising your garbage bins

It goes without saying that garbage bins are important for the home. They make it easier for you to manage domestic waste and to keep the entire premises clean. However, homeowners may tend to refrain from having multiple garbage bins in the home due to their often-unsightly appearance. Certainly, garbage bins are not the best thing to look at.

Rather than having fewer bins around the home for proper rubbish removal, you can disguise each individual bin to look better or less distracting. In this way, the premises remains clean and you don't have to deal with frequent overflows of waste from having fewer bins.

Build a surround for outdoor bins

When using outdoor bins, keeping them out of sight can increase your kerb appeal and make the home more inviting. A creative approach is to install a housing/surround to cover the bins without inhibiting access.

You can create a custom housing for your outdoor bins using wood such as cedar. Cedar is a good choice because it doesn't rot and doesn't provide a breeding ground for insects. Design cedar panels as well as a cover that can fit next to an outdoor wall.

Install a pullout drawer

When you have garbage bins, placing them in a pullout drawer is an easy way of disguising them from open sight. These drawers are also convenient for smaller kitchens with limited space. Pullout drawers are easy to maintain and they keep the rest of the kitchen place looking clean and attractive. You can also label the drawers accordingly to make it easier for your guests to locate the garbage bin.

Design a custom cabinet

For indoor garbage bins, you can design a custom cabinet that fits the bins without reducing their accessibility. This is a useful idea for larger homes that may have more occupants or more waste to get rid of. A custom cabinet can be properly labelled and people made aware of where to dispose their waste. This will also make it easier to clean because all garbage disposal will be localised in one area of the home.

Use a kitchen cart

Kitchens often require the best garbage disposal plan. One creative approach is to use a mobile kitchen cart that is fitted with a garbage can underneath. You can use this cart as a surface for food preparation and waste disposal. And because you can drag it around the kitchen, people are less likely to throw their waste in the wrong areas such as in the sink or on the floor.

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Cleaning up after tenants

I have a few rental properties and you wouldn't believe the mess that some tenants leave when they vacate the premises. They think that the bond will cover the cleaning but sometimes I'm also embarassed when I have to show the cleaning services what they will need to clean up. At least it's not my fault that the place is so messy. The cleaning services are always professional and when the place is really bad I can take the tenants back to the small claims court and claim back the cost of the excess cleaning bill. This blog is about cleaning up after grotty tenants.