Cleaning up after tenants

Two Speed-Cleaning Tips to Follow When Dealing With a Very Dirty Property Exterior

If you have to clean up a property's extremely dirty exterior and you need to do it quickly, here are some tips you should follow.

Use a high-pressure cleaning service

If the property's exterior walls and other features like its driveway, patio, deck and paths are all coated in dirt, you should not attempt to scrub this dirt off manually. Instead, you should use a high-pressure cleaning service.

Although you might be able to fully remove the dirt from these areas by hand, doing so could take days if they are large and are extremely unclean. If the property exterior is also dirty in other ways (for example, if the exterior of the windows also needs to be washed and the outdoor furniture needs to be cleaned), then this would be an inefficient use of your limited time.

Bringing in a cleaner who can use a pressure washer will enable you to get this job completed in just a few hours, as the equipment will quickly push through the dirt on these surfaces, breaking it apart and rinsing it away. You can then spend the period when the pressure-washing is being done on another cleaning job within this area.

Purchase a rubbish pick-up tool

In addition to using the high-pressure washing service, you should purchase a rubbish pick-up tool. If there is a lot of rubbish on the ground in the property exterior, picking it up without this tool could be both tiring and inefficient. Whilst bending down to pick up a few pieces of rubbish wouldn't be difficult, you might develop a sore back and have to work quite slowly if you have to repeat this motion over and over again.

With this tool, you'll be able to pick rubbish off the ground quickly, all without having to do anything other than taking a step forward and squeezing the tool's lever to grab the discarded item. This should allow you to get the job done quite quickly without becoming too tired.

It's important to pick up rubbish in the areas that you're having pressure washed before the pressure-washing begins. That's because doing so will ensure that the cleaner can do this task without accidentally propelling refuse around the property with the equipment or without having to pick up or move the rubbish out of the way to access and pressure-wash a particular area. To learn more, contact a high-pressure cleaning service

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Cleaning up after tenants

I have a few rental properties and you wouldn't believe the mess that some tenants leave when they vacate the premises. They think that the bond will cover the cleaning but sometimes I'm also embarassed when I have to show the cleaning services what they will need to clean up. At least it's not my fault that the place is so messy. The cleaning services are always professional and when the place is really bad I can take the tenants back to the small claims court and claim back the cost of the excess cleaning bill. This blog is about cleaning up after grotty tenants.